Zeta Phi!!!!! RHO

Zeta Phi Rho’s beginning stems from the bustling backwoods of Los Angeles. In this metropolis of indifference, contradiction, diversity, struggle, and hope – a melting pot of progress was formed from our original fourteen founding fathers. From our first establishment in Long Beach, they brought together strong and independent gentlemen to challenge the notions of a contradictory Greek system that claimed progress. They saw a system that preyed on insecurities, and actually reinforced weaknesses in pledges through alcoholic dependency and humiliation.

These are not leaders. These are sheep of a system relegated to age-old traditions that cannot adapt to the current dynamics of the future generation. Zeta Phi Rho lives by principles such as character, strength, and heart.

This message caught on quickly in Long Beach to create the Distinguished Gentlemen that the community knows of Zeta Phi Rho today. In less than two years, the family grew to over one hundred brothers at Long Beach. It now exists as the largest fraternity at that school.

One of the Founding Fathers, Johnnie Garcia, had a younger brother that went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, and through constant trials and tribulations, six Distinguished Gentlemen formed the Beta Chapter. This link of blood in the brotherhood would set a constant example for the rest of our expansion process. From that point on, every chapter established in the Zeta Phi Rho family has been through family members and close friends. We are forever linked with our Founding Fathers, and the establishment of our tight bond is insured.

Now we are one of the most concentrated and most tight-knit fraternities in Southern California. I want to make this clear. We are not the most concentrated Asian American, Filipino, or multi-cultural fraternity in our region; but one of the most concentrated of any kind of fraternity. As a unit, we make up hundreds of active brothers from Santa Barbara to Riverside.

Because of our close proximity, and through the efforts of the Distinguished Council (our governing council), the entire fraternity can act as effectively as single chapters of larger national fraternities. Plus with interest coming from several other schools in Southern California, Zeta Phi Rho is presenting a concentrated expansion effort that is rare among fraternities in the world. In fact, through the development of such a tight knit bond, we will overcome the internal problems, miscommunication, and even fist-to-fist brawls that result in larger national fraternities. Plus, through this network, when, not if, our bonds become national, one phone call could call forth thousands of brothers at a moment’s notice. And this is only the beginning.

This is why Zeta Phi Rho today remains to be an exciting avenue for strong bonds in brotherhood. Your interest represents our burgeoning history. Our community service efforts are unsurpassed and recognized by leaders in the community. A strong majority of our brothers hold leadership positions in numerous student organizations and other interests beyond. Along with Zeta Phi Rho’s leadership development, we also understand the intercultural environment and dynamics of our Southern California home.

On that note, we are one of the few fraternities that actively observe, invite, and produce brothers of Black, White, Chicano/Latino, Asian, and Indegenous backgrounds. However, recruiting people of different ethnicities have been increasingly difficult in the face of intercultural division and lack of awareness. As a consequence, our fraternity has been categorized as an Asian American interest fraternity, even though no such tenet exists within our constitution, nor does the term recognize the rich diversity that exists within the homogenized construct of the Asian American e.g. the respective cultural heritages of Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Hmong, and Hapa etc. Plus, outside interests that categorize us in this limited manner, are not taking into account the blood, sweat, and tears that have been produced by our brothers who come from backgrounds outside of the Asian American sphere.

Nevertheless, our mission still stands strong within the words of the great Frederick Douglass, “without struggle, there is no progress¨ Color, class, or creed need not apply in such ideals. We are a new breed of consciousness in the face of the growing multicultural landscape; especially one as dynamic as Southern California. Feel free to navigate through this website, and contact us to see whether or not you have anything to offer our fraternity, and likewise, what we have to offer you.


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